Creating a Replogic brand account is free, but some of our features are only available to brands on paid plans. On the Basic (free) plan, prospective reps can discover your product and reach out to you. Only brands on the paid plans, however, can view a rep's profile, actively search for new reps or send an outreach message (learn more about RepMail credits here).

We offer two different paid plans (learn more about plan details here):

  • Value plan ($99 per month)
  • Pro plan ($399 per month)

Our paid plans are subscription based with the option to renew monthly or annually. The annual subscription lets you save up to $960 per year, but, as the name suggests, it is an annual commitment. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time. 

Once you've subscribed to a plan, you'll notice some immediate changes to your rep list:

  • You can now view a rep's name and company (you can also click to view their full profile).
  • The message button has been unlocked allowing you to send outreach messages. You can also do this via the rep's full profile. Here are some best practices when sending outreach messages.
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