If you have questions and need a rep's expert advice, but you're not necessarily ready to hire a rep part-time or full-time, consider booking a QuickInsights consultation with a rep.

  1. Browse reps who offer QuickInsights consultations. Only the top reps across various product categories and areas of expertise, who are also highly responsive, are invited to participate in QuickInsights.
  2. Book a consultation with a rep, once you find a rep who has the right areas of expertise for you.
  3. Add details to your consultation request, including a phone number to reach you on, and a proposed date and time for the consultation. When you book the consultation, the rep will receive a notification. At that time, the rep will have the opportunity to accept your request, message you to ask for more info, or suggest a different time for the consultation.
  4. Once you've both agreed to a time and the consultation is booked, you'll receive a notification in your email. At the time of the consultation, we'll call you and conference you in with the rep.
  5. After your consultation, we'll charge your payment method for the duration of the call at the rep's hourly rate. For example, if the rep's hourly rate is $100 and your call goes for 1.5 hours, we'll charge you $150. Be sure to send us an email after your consultation to let us know how it went.
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